Saturday, January 1, 2011

Be Prepared

Boy Scout Winter Camp, Dec. 26-31, at Camp Urland proved to be a "Be Prepared" challenge. I agreed again this year to teach the art merit badge. Sunday was cool with a cerulean blue sky. By Monday morning the temp was 15 degrees! I was prepared with layers of longjohns and sweats.

I was prepared with my camera and was fortunate to take frost pictures. Note the spines of frost along the edges of the oak leaves.

The cold snap didn't last. By Wednesday we checked gear to see if we were prepared for thunderstorms. The Trading Post soon sold out of ponchos. Thunder and lightning, drenching rain didn't dampen the spirit of camping.

My classes tried to meet under the handicrat pavillion with the leatherworking class, but the winds and showers were not condusive to art.

We moved indoors and joined the Reptile class. Being Prepared to adjust to changes and challenges, the drawing classes proceeded. The boys were delighted to be able to touch the snakes, lizzards and toads. An added benifit was that we learned about the reptiles. From a safe distance.
2010 is the 100th aniversary of Boy Scouting. Several
commemorative merit badges were offered this year only. This young man is using a handsaw to cut pieces for a wooden tool box. The boys learned to use a bit and brace, plane and other "ancient" tools.

When my classes were finished for the day I hung around the kitchen, prepared to learn new cooking skills, like cooking chili for 250 hungry boys and leaders.
I already know how to wash pots and pans so I was given the job of supervising as well as pitching in.
By the time for staff photos, my staff shirt was no longer wearable. I'm wearing a scout shirt topped by an apron gift from the cook staff. I'm an honorary cook!
The Norman Rockwell print below hangs in the staff house. My class discussed artwork that tells a story, so we discussed this print of Souts of different classes and ages, an astronaut, and at the upper right corner a founding father, all saluting our flag. The emotion of patriotism is strong in this painting, and an encouragement to all to be prepared to honor our country by learning all we can.
Learn a little something about everything.

Here's another book never written: "Weeds and Flowers" by Dan D. Lyon

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