Sunday, January 23, 2011

Writer's beware: Preditors/editors

Attention and warning to writers. Learn from my mistakes.
After having 6 books published, I contracted with (and paid) a local publisher to edit, print and distribute (and promote) a novel. My critique group edited the manuscript before I submitted it. The first editing of the manuscript by the publishing company should have been a warning. The editing was unacceptable. I had it redone.

For two years I waited, impatiently, for a galley. I found numerous errors in the galley, had it marked up and was promised that these grammar, spelling and typesetting errors would be corrected before printing.

Six months later, I sent copies of the final, published book for review. Imagine my embarrasment when a sympathetic editor asked to mark corrections (spelling, grammar, typesetting, etc) for me. I agreed. She returned my book, a book that should have been on the market, with errors on over ONE HALF of the pages!

I applaud her concern and effort, and recommend her services, at reasonable cost, to anyone who wants an honest editing job at a fair price.
I have filed with the county dispute resolution office for satisfaction. I cannot allow this book to go to market.


  1. Oh dear, Carol... I can't believe she found so many mistakes. I feel for you! Hopefully this will get resolved soon.


  2. Carol - I couldn't find Colleens website. Is it currently down?

  3. That was definitely not right! When we pay for professional service that's exactly what we should get, especially if the finished product will reflect on us. Sorry this happened to you.

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  4. Sylvia: