Sunday, January 16, 2011

Do we value Life?

A nine year old girl was killed simply by being in the wrong place. We are outraged and saddened by the numerous children who are injured or killed in accidents or by child abuse.

However far too many caring adults have ignored the deaths of 53,000,000 (Fifty Three MILLION) children murdered in abortions since 1973 when the Roe vs Wade decision made abortion legal.

53,000,000 citizens under the age of 37 (as of today) is more that the population of Spain.

What could those citizens have contributed to our society?

Of those aborted citizens, 86% were snuffed out for the convience of the mother. The practice of abortion is taking innocent, defenseless human lives.

Who will protect those who are powerless to speak for themselves?

Darrell leads a live of existance. He is dependent on caregivers 24/7. He cannot contribute to society. So what is God's purpose for his life? By sharing his story of abuse by being shaken which resulted in profound retardation and blindness, I hope to educated expectant parents, and to encourage parents and caregivers of special needs children.
His story is available free by emailing me at

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