Saturday, April 24, 2010

Letter U.

I didn't think I'd undertakae this uneasy challenge until I discovered a misunderstood, unpopular, underused letter combo UN. But I underestimated. Consider this:

The unemployed, unloved, unhappy housewife was unforgiving when she unearthed undeniable evidence of her unfaithful husband. The unattactive bikini underwear in his car were not her's.

He denied unorthodox behavior. He acted unconcerned and unrepentant, and insisted she was uncultured, and unsophisticated in today's society.

Jealousy was uncharacteristic of her, but she was understandably upset. She resented being the unpopular, uneducated underdog. His behavior was unacceptable. His treatment of her underserved. It wouldn't go unchallenged. She began to undermine. She served undercooked dinners, returned unwashed underwear to his drawer, and uncomplaining (but unsympathetic) listened to his unreasonable tiraids of an untidy, unpleasant home. (She also was untouchable.)

Tiring of her unpredictable, uncooperative, unconcerned attitude, he uncharacteristicly(but still unrepentant) admitted his unscrupulous behavior. They came to an uneasy understanding, and lived uneventfully ever after.

Writing is such fun!


Beware of unscrupulous publishers who accept your financial imput but are uncommitted to publishing your manuscript. Unfortunately my unpublished novel is not on the market after two years of unfulfilled, unconventia, excuses. Ugggg. How can I undo this?

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  1. Hilarious. Your superb use of the U can not be usurped by another.