Tuesday, April 27, 2010


I'm WRITING about WORDS. Not a novel idea but I have something to share.
As a writer we must write truth or WRITING label as fiction.

I checked a new book (2009 copyright) from the library to help with my research. Book titled, When Everything Changed, the Amazing Journey of American Women from 1960 to the Present. Very well researched and written until I reached page 382 and a brief section on Sarah Palin from Wasilla, an "exurb forty miles from Fairbanks" Wrong. Wasilla is forty miles from Anchorage, and roughly 300 miles from Fairbanks. WRITERS do your research!

Another book that I checked out puts my WRITING to shame. Duchess of Death, the Unauthorized Biography of Agatha Christie lists her accomplishments:
84 novels
over two billion sold
translated into 105 languages (most popular modern author in the world)
33 years after her death all books remain in print
6 novels written under the name Mary Wesstmacott
2 autobiographies
3 books of poetry
157 short stories
19 plays
"The Mousetrap" is the longest running play in history. having been performed continuously since 1952, over 23, 500 performances.
When asked about her talent, she said, "I regard my work as of no importance. I'm simply out to entertain."

How I wish I could WRITE so many WORDS.
How about you? How do you WRITE?


  1. The Mousetrap seems to go on for ever,
    I write about my life expereience mainly.
    I love to write as it gets much out of my system.

    Have a grand day.

  2. Just found this site this morning. I had to go through comments on my posts.
    I love the research information.

  3. from one grandma to another - I write because I must.. I love to write, it brings such satisfaction to me to share my thoughts with others, and hopefully they enjoy them. Come visit me if you get a chance. I am not a published writer, only a blogger.
    Best regards to you, Carol.