Thursday, April 15, 2010

A to Z challenge

My writer friend, Debra, clued me into a blogger challenge. Write a post every day in April using the alphabet as a prompt. Since I'm scheduling challenged, -ie. I need a secretarial staff- I'm starting with the letter M.

To continue with my posts concerning April as National Child Abuse Prevention Month, let's explore MOTHERS. I am one. You may be also. I am the biological or "real" mother of two adult daughters with kids of their own. I adopted nine (Yes 9) kids as a single mom. and then raised my grandson. Now if 12 kids don't make you a mother.... Oh yes, and I also had 35 foster kids in my home, but not at the same time.

Back to child abuse prevention. Just because a woman is a birth mom doesn't preclude her being an abusive parent. One of my adopted boys is blind and profoundly retarded due to Shaken Baby Syndrome. check out Neglect as well as physical and emotional abuse brought several others into my home.

Foster parenting is rewarding. Even though the child(ren) in your home may be temporary, you will be providing a safe, secure, and loving family while the child's life is in turmoil.

Adopting provides a child with a "forever family". Adoptive Moms (and dads) make a difference in the life of a child.

Pregnant? Not sure you're ready to be a mom? check out, Local pregancy resource centers will provide free ultrasound, counseling, parenting classes, and all those baby supplies you will need.

Adopting is a loving option for the mom who wants more for her child than she is able to give.

There's no excuse for Child Abuse. Report suspected abuse and/or neglect.

I'd love to hear from other single moms.


  1. Some people are not at all qualified to play the role of parents. Children are a valuable treasure that should not be entrusted to anyone but the most responsible people.
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  2. I'm going to give your blog a mention in my post for Fri 4/16

    Blogging From A to Z April Challenge