Monday, April 26, 2010

Volunteer Vacations

This summer instead of spending a lot of money to be entertained, plan a volunteer vacation. You'll save money, have a memoriable adventure, and provide manpower for projects close to your heart.

A volunteer is someone who offers himself for a service or undertaking without compensation. Something done for others from the heart. You'll be surprised by the rewards.. Your skills and interests are more important than your education and training. Determine what you'd like to become involved in, or learn more about. Opportunities are available from the National Park Service to local schools and hospitals, from Habitat for Humanity to visiting nursing homes with your pet.

I spent a couple of weeks (over four years) as a cook, clown, and custodian with a church group in a tiny Mexican village. I was shocked to learn that babies weren't given a name until they were six months old, (because they might not live that long).
I asked a young girl, "Libros en casa"? (books in your house?). She replied with a look of dismay. "No, libros en esescula". (No, books in school). The following trip I took her and the other children books written in Spanish to have for their own.

One summer I spent in New Hampshire as a horseback riding instructor. (After all I'm from Texas!) I volunteer with Campers on Mission and have cooked at conference centers for thousands, and at small youth camps in Alaska cooking for a hundred or less, (Ceaned bathhouses and cabins, did laundry, dug ditches, helped construct a pavillion, and taught crafts. And LOVED IT).

Diaster Relief after Hurricane Ike, led me to cook for thousands of refugees in my home town and in Galveston.

Volunteering has opened many doors of experience. and has provided writing material as well as given me a warm feeling of being of service.

Dare to dream Put your tallents to work. Check out your options.


  1. Sounds like a good idea. thanks for sharing it with us.


  2. A very good idea. I had the privilege of doing this in college... I spent a few spring breaks and a few summer trips volunteering at and then just spending time with kids and teens at a children's home in Florida. Our college group got some great relationships going there. :) I highly recommend it... and plan to try to do some more of that sort of thing when we are in a position as a family to do so (tough with little kids... but maybe with older grade school or teens it would be easier?)