Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Road Trips and Research for Writers

Like to travel? Would you like a tax write off? Who wouldn't?

My first book, Grandma's on the Go was written from journals I kept while while traveling with my 12 kids. For more on those adventures, stay tuned for Letter T.

I learned that by conducting RESEARCH on ROAD trips, I could improve my wRITING and cut down on expenses.
RETIRED, REJUVENATED, AND RARING to go, I set my sights on a ROAD trip by RV from Texas to Alaska. The trip was so memorable that I've returned again and again.
Now on to wRITER'S RESEARCH.... As long as a writer is taking notes,
photographs, purchasing reference materials (books, psotcards, etc.) and actually writes and publishes something about his trips, then milage, lodging, and meals are business related tax items.
Publishing magazine or newspaper articles, keeping a running blog, and/or turning journal entries into memiors are proof of a serious writing profession. Keep accurate records.
Tip 1. I can't write and drive, so I use a digital recorder, speaking ideas aloud to transfer
later onto the computer.
Tip 2. Take along a notebook/laptop computer and small printer. Scanners are nice.
Tip 3. Always carry a digital camera and connections to the computer. and lots of batteries.
Tip 4. Interview people, ask questions, make notes.
Tip 5. Visit museums, heritage and natural parks. Entrance fees are RESERCH fees.
Tip 6. Keep accurate RECORDS and keep all RECEIPTS.
My first two trips to Alaska, where I worked as a volunteer, enabled me to be a "resident" not a tourist. LETTER V will discuss volunteering.
Two more trips to adventurous Alaska resulted in a novel, A Venture in Faith. See photo of cover on the left.
I'll be on the ROAD again this summer. Follow my blog.
Where will you be?

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  1. On the road with 12 kids? yikes! I was on the road with three and that was plenty.
    You give some good advice here.

    Not sure where I'll be at this point in time. Wherever I am, I hope I have some income.

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