Thursday, April 1, 2010

No Excuse for Child Abuse

April in National Child Abuse Prevention and Awareness Month. Children's Protective Services of Jefferson County held a rally and walk-a-thon today from the CPS Office to the Beaumont Police Department. The top photo is of the beginning of the walk being filmed by three different TV stations. Yeah! Get the news out!
These walkers are warming up for the walk. The sign reads "There's No Excuse for Child Abuse."

Over one hundred walkers turned out to follow the banner. It reads "April, Child Abuse Prevention Month."

Once we reached the police department we heard the Mayer of Beaumont, the Chief of Police and the Fire Chief, a family law Judge and CASA volunteers speak

Jack walked with us. He is a therapy dog volunteer who helps calm and reasure children in CPS care.

I was invited to read "Loon's Necklace" and talk about Alaska to a group of first graders at one of the local schools. My writer friend, Laurie, has a son in this class. What a fun time we had. How I pray that all children could be as happy as this group.
Throughout this month I will be blogging about how you can help prevent child abuse.
April 7th is Go Blue Day. Join workers across the State by wearing Blue to show your support for child abuse prevention programs.

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