Friday, April 30, 2010

XYZ Xamine Your Zeal

Hi followers.
Here is a Generic Disclaimer... an excuse for not blogging for the last couple of days. I'm in training as a Census Enumerater. (that's gov. talk for Census taker). So the days have been hectic because of all your friends who lost, mutilated or neglected to send in their census forms (as required by law).

So on to the blog. XAMINE YOUR ZEAL. What are you passionate about? What makes your heart go pit-a-pat? This Challenge got me XCITED even though I started late. I dug deep into my creative right brain (sometimes not deep enough) and had XTREME fun trying to think up something that would be XTRAORDINARY. Consider your ZEAL.

On Monday , is hosting something new. Check it out and join the fun while I trudge through the rain, muck and Rottweilers to interview reluctant citizens.

If you're not a follower of Grandmas-on-the-go, please sign up as a follower so you'll be with me on my road trip to Alaska.


  1. Congrats you finished! Road trip to Alaska, been there, done that! I look forward to hearing more~

  2. Hey you did it!!!!! I am so happy you took part. We must celebrate. Hey good for you to get that census job you may be coming to pay me a visit. We didn't get ours. Called everywhere and they kept saying we would but we didn't. Hope to see you soon. Call when you can. Hey you are in the double digits with the followers lets work on your site meter before you go. You may have noticed I've gota flag up of different countries that check me out. COOL!

  3. Hello, Fellow Grandma! So happy to find you.
    My husband took part in the 1990 census and still talks about it. he was newly retired from teaching, and now he has dementia, and wonders if they want him to come and do the census again this time. bless his heart. Congrats on doing and finishing the challenge!
    I will be back. I always wanted to go visit Alaska. Now I can red your postings about it.
    Best regards to you,
    Ruby (aka Grammy)